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Your training has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to add video content to my blog. Now I know how to get the best out of the equipment I already have in my pocket! Even my first couple of videos are bringing more engagement to my website – thanks!

Melissa Shanhun Melissa Shanhun

After I went through iPhone Video Hero, I decided to replace my standard email with a Video message. When I sent my first Video link via email, I had an almost 100% open rate and 320 visits to my site in one afternoon. That is about 10x higher than a typical day! This training course gave me the confidence and knowledge to take that first step

Brian Hicks Brian Hicks

I really learned a lot from your course. I’d have never guessed videos taken with a phone camera could look so good. I had planned on purchasing a new (and expensive) HD camcorder for my business.
However, after seeing how good my iPhone videos turned out, there’s really no need. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It not only has saved me a lot of money… It has enabled me to take videos that I’m proud to share with my friends and clients.

Larry Trocha Larry Trocha

This course is hands down one of the BEST investments I’ve made for myself and for my business in a long time and I’ve spent a LOT of money on a LOT of courses! For the cost of a posh dinner Jules has taught me skills that I can realistically apply to my business that will save me a fortune AND make me more profitable too! Rock on! If you own an iPhone do yourself a HUGE favor and buy this course NOW!

Michelle Holmes Michelle Holmes

I love that I can now shoot videos for my clients confidently. I know the message they need to deliver better than anyone, so the videos I make for my clients are more effective. I regularly charge $350 per video, so my investment in the training paid for itself after the first video!

Sean Beardmore Sean Beardmore
Local Business Marketer

Nobody seems to understand the potential of iPhone Video better than iPhone Video Hero. The training is easy to understand, entertaining and enlightening to say the least!

Kevin Davis Kevin Davis

iPhone Video Hero crams years of experience, into bite-sized steps anyone can follow. An excellent product!

Colette Mason Colette Mason
Internet Marketer & Product Creator,

Just using one App recommended in the training enabled me to edit 24 videos in 2 days! My filmed videos look so much better than inferior slideshow videos. Local Real Estate Agents are impressed. That one 12 mins tutorial was worth the investment in iPhone Video Hero!

Bill Cobb Bill Cobb
Baton Rouge Real Estate

iPhone Video Hero will take your Video Marketing efforts and business to the next level! You will be blown away at the value, time and effort you’ll experience inside. I give this programme 5 stars!

Vincent Ortega jr. Vincent Ortega jr.
Internet Marketing Coach,

I just completed filming a 1 day seminar using the info I learned from your course & the equipment you recommended. It will turn into a 3 hour DVD costing less than a tenth of what I paid to be in a studio for HALF a day!

Igor Ledochowski Igor Ledochowski