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What can you do with an iPhone?

Shoot Videos and make a profitable Online Course

Make a Sales Video that your prospects can't resist

What can you do with an iPhone?

What can you do with an iPhone?

What can you do with an iPhone?

What can you do with an iPhone?

What exactly am I getting?

Inside right now ..

  • Invite to 2 x Members only 1 hour Live Sesssions
  • Get up to speed FAST with iVideo Strategy and Production
  • Success training with a YouTube content expert
  • App training
  • Premium Music tracks
  • Motion Graphics
  • Link to join Private FB Group

Coming in future ..

  • In depth Case study videos every month (watch over my shoulder)
  • More Lighting + Audio solutions
  • Video Editing how to's
  • Expert recorded strategy sessions
  • Best App training including Live apps
  • Monthly Premium Music tracks
  • Monthly Motion Graphics

About Jules

  • Ex MTV and BBC TV Director turned iVideo Coach and Online Entrepreneur
  • Credits include: The Biggest Loser, Pimp My Ride, Don't the the Bride
  • Runs a full-time Online Info business
  • Course and membership site owner
  • Video Marketer
  • Owns 5 iPhones 🙂

iVideo gallery (all filmed on an iPhone)

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SPECIAL FOR LAUNCH ONLY: Join now for ONLY $19.95 $9.95/mo

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I bought the original iPhone Video Hero - is this different?

You bet – nothing is the same! The NEW iVideo Hero will go way beyond what can be offered in a one-time course. Including, over time, more advanced training. You will receive new training or downloads every week!

As long as you sign up to this monthly offer

Why is this a Monthly membership?

Because the world of iVideo is expanding fast. Apps, accessories, strategies, platforms.

The only way I can keep the training updated and not out of date is create ongoing content and training that reacts to the changes and awesome new tools and platforms we can use to boost out profits and create better content.

Ultimately I want you to get a HUGE roi! Any one-time course is out of date before the last video is encoded!

Is this only for iPhone - I use an Android?

I am sorry but yes. I am a huge iFan and I want keep the training focussed. Would you consider getting an iPhone. New apps and accessories almost always come out first for iPhone.

I know there are courses labelled ‘Smartphone Video’, but they rarely go deep enough into either, plus why pay for some of the training you can’t use? Not my style.

It also helps for a more unified i-community.

You mention some cool topics related to iPhone Video - is all this training inside right now?

No, I have listed above what is inside right now. This is like Netflix, I will be adding new content into your library regularly, so you will see it expand over time.

I can also respond to members interests. It’s an ongoing learning experience rather than a quick hit!

How can I cancel if it's not for me?

In your profile settings inside the members area you can remove your credit card yourself. If you chose to sign up via Paypal you can cancel yourself under recurring payments.In short you are in full control of your subscription – not me!

Why is this priced so reasonably? (!)

Funny you should ask that! Well from my point of view the more folks I can get to jump in, gives me the  best foundation to grow the site – so I wanted to make it a no-brainer for the launch.

A figure that sits comfortably with most folks and doesn’t hurt one bit. Of course the price goes up double for future members. You are grandfathered at the super low rate. If you cancel and rejoin then you will have to sign up at the new rate. That’s only fair!

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